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Hemp pellets cold-pressed and ready to feed,  the protein and fiber-rich supplementary feed for your horse.
The primordial power of hemp pellets
  100% made from hemp seeds and are therefore  grain free .
The hemp pellets are a valuable vegetable source of essential fatty acids.
You can the
  Hemp pellets  can also be used as an easily digestible treat for your horse or pony.
Trust in the elemental force of cold pressing of below 40 ° C and in our production according to food standards.



100% hemp press cake, cold pressed from cannabis sativa


Hemp pellets

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  • Inhalt:

    500g, 750g, 2000g , 3000g und 15kg

  • Analytical components:

    Crude protein                     42%

    Crude fiber               16.5%

    Raw fat                  12%

    Raw ash                7%

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