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The quality is decisive  Purchase of linseed oil  for  the oil feeding of the horse !

Urkraft - linseed oil - special  is proven to be a  cold-pressed linseed oil  in food grade. Our  linseed oil  was the first oil that was specifically tailored to the need for fat and the  Tailored to the needs of horses  became!

Why use Urkraft - linseed oil in horse feeding?

linseed oil  promotes when added regularly  the formation and promotion of the muscles, especially the locomotor and postural apparatus! The exceptional quality of  Urkraft - linseed oil - special  has been shown to have other diverse modes of action as a valuable feed addition to:  extreme hair, skin and hoof problems, endurance weaknesses, optimization of performance, for nerve stability, for immune deficiencies, mare fertility, as a general feed enhancement and of course additional energy performance in sport horses (natural doping without protein and carbohydrates).

Dosage form:


ADMR compliant:

Can be used in competitions according to the specifications of the FN.

Consumption time:

Use within 3-5 months after opening.

Linseed oil special 1 liter for horses

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