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Peppermint for your horse:


The essential oil in the leaves of the peppermint stimulates digestion in horses and causes more bile acids to be formed. In addition, peppermint oil ensures that the muscles of the intestinal wall relax. Flatulence and cramp-like indigestion are relieved in this way.

The administration of peppermint has also proven its worth in horses suffering from respiratory diseases. The peppermint oil contained in it loosens stubborn mucus from the bronchi and also promotes its removal.


The ingredients of peppermint have the following effects:

  • inflating
  • antispasmodic
  • pain reliever
  • digestive
  • promotes gall flow
  • expectorant


A notice:  According to the anti-doping and drug control rules of the German Equestrian Association (FN), there is a recommended waiting period (from the last use of the product to use at the tournament) of 48 hours for this product.


We consciously use the re-wearable paper packaging for the benefit of our environment.

Peppermint leaves cut

VAT Included |
  • Feeding recommendation:

    20 to 40 g / day for one  Large horse

  • Ingredients:

    Essential oils, flavonoids

  • Contents:


  • Storage:

    Store in a dry place

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