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FSX Steam Edition: Approach Training Add-On Free Download [hack]




The most important thing to consider is whether you want to be able to fly either the VFR, IFR or non-precision approaches that we have. VFR Approach Training makes sense when you want to test out VFR flight training to find out how that is. There is a VFR ATC that you can use and IFR Approach Training is great for an IFR course if you want to know what it is and how to go about getting the required certification. After setting the desired choices, you will need to choose a Visual Flight Rules (VFR) Airway. You have several choices for this; 1. **Precision** - This is essentially a way to connect two points with no altitude restrictions (a straight line). 2. **All** - This takes you to a radial which takes you out to the nearest airport and a certain number of miles away. 3. **Procedural** - This is a great tool to help train your brain on how to set the waypoint. You will be on a pre-planned waypoint and that is what will guide you to the end of the training. 4. **Precision and All** - A great way to play around with VFR flying and see how your plane reacts to the route you set for yourself. ## Next steps You now have a choice of two training programs, but before you go further, make sure you are logged in as one of the following users. This gives you access to all the features and training for all of the user types. 1. **Flight Operations** 2. **Instructor** ## Flight Operations The Flight Operations area gives you access to the tracking for the available flights for this route. Your instructor will use this area to find any available flights for you to practice on. Once you have been added to the instructor section of the page, you can see all the available flights for the route and you will be able to follow the progress of your training. ## Instructor The Instructor area gives you access to the training and assessment for the training courses you are enrolled in. You can do this by logging into the application by either going to the login page in the application or by choosing the _Login_ option on the top right of the application. If you have already enrolled in a course you will see the current progress of the training. A high-level view of



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